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Amended OSPI Special Education Rules

January 18, 2010 Leave a comment

OSPI amended its special education regulations, found in WAC 392-172A, and effective November 2, 2009.

Here are the highlights: 1) parents who reject an initial placement of their child in special education means the school district must give the parents prior written notice prior to withdrawing special education services for the child, and the school district need not remove the receipt of prior special education from the child’s record because of this lack of consent; 2) those with disabilities should be sought out as employees by school districts who receive Part B funding; 3) schools with disproportionate numbers of children who are of a racial or ethnic minority and are: in certain programs; disabled; in special education; or subject to certain types of disciplinary actions, must seek to use the maximum funding available for early intervention services; 4) private schools include secular schools throughout the regulations; and 5) an educational representative, who may be the child’s parent or the child’s spouse, may be appointed to represent the child’s interests where the child is found to be incapable of making their own educational decisions.

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